Ervin and Kloeckner – Win-Win-Win in B2B E-Commerce

Ervin can now also process smaller orders through the Kloeckner Marketplace.
“We are receiving many inquiries from customers who need less than 1 tonne of abrasive. Normally, we only ship larger quantities. That is why we looked for a solution for customers requesting smaller quantities at the beginning of 2018 – and discovered the Kloeckner Marketplace”, states Florian Götz, Assistant to Managing Director Europe. Since March 2018, Ervin has been offering products there; first only in the German Kloeckner online shop but now also in the English one. The French Kloeckner online shop will be active in just a few weeks. In addition, Ervin profits from increased brand awareness, especially through the SEO support provided by Kloeckner. “The marketplace is also interesting for us because it strengthens our relationship with Kloeckner.”, Florian Götz explains. “Kloeckner itself purchases products from us, which was the case even before the online shop was launched. So we are not competitors – both companies benefit from this feature.”

German article “Win-Win-Win in B2B E-Commerce”