GIFA 2019 Review

06 Ago GIFA 2019 Review

Blast Cleaning – Highest Productivity is a Reality

The Ervin team are celebrating a successful exhibition at GIFA 2019. A brand-new stand, leading edge technology and a warm welcome for all visitors combined to create a great impression, and have left the team with many projects to kick-off from all across Europe and beyond. Dr. Wolfgang Assmann, Managing Director Ervin Europe, commented, “The feedback from visitors exceeded our most optimistic ambitions for GIFA 2019.”

The Ervin stand for GIFA 2019 was designed especially for the show, aiming to combine a warm, welcoming impression with opportunities to share educational material regarding abrasives and the overall blasting process. The key messages for visitors were that Ervin steel and stainless steel abrasives deliver the highest productivity and lowest cost and that choosing the right abrasive affects all process costs not just the purchase price of the abrasive itself.

A new Virtual Reality (VR) game was created in partnership with AtmosVR, based in Birmingham, UK to enable visitors to the stand to ‘experience’ the difference between different Ervin and competitor products when blasting workpieces. In addition, the stand contained displays of abrasive product samples, operating mixes, blasted parts and interactive touch screen displays with videos, cost calculators, lab tests and case studies.

The combination of fun and education was well received by visitors, hundreds of whom took part in the daily VR competition, with some visitors even coming back later in the week to see if they could improve their scores! The draft beer and chilled soft drinks certainly helped many people cope with the very high temperatures in Dusseldorf.

Paul Abram, Technical Manager for Ervin, said, “The VR game met our twin objectives of providing a fun, interactive element for our stand whilst delivering a serious educational message about the importance of selecting the right steel or stainless steel abrasive.”

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