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Key Benefits

What you can expect when working with Ervin products

Lowest consumption

Highest productivity, lowest cost

Consistent abrasive performance

Reduced wear

Reduced dust and waste disposal

Local technical support

The World Standard for Quality

As a family owned company we have maintained our belief in doing everything the best possible way since the 1920s, when our founder John F. Ervin first developed the steel abrasive casting process, still used by producers today. We are the original and the best.


Furthermore, our quality measurements have become the standard within the industry – the Ervin Test Machine is the benchmark for all competitors. Every single product in our range is instilled with the innovative, pioneering spirit of John F. Ervin. The World Standard for Quality is the standard we set ourselves, and the promise we make to all our customers and partners.


John F. Ervin, Founder

“Anyone who pays attention only to the purchase price is making a big mistake. We are now working with the new Ervin blasting material significantly more economically.”

Michael Stipkovits

Purchasing Manager, Gföllner

“We’re delighted to have changed to using Ervin products because they have significantly reduced our costs in both in the blasting and coating processes. This helps us make CIE Automotive products more competitive in the automotive market.”

Mr Iker Bezares

Production Manager, CIE Automotive

“Preparation is especially important here. With Amagrit, quality and effectiveness are brought one step further forward.”

Christian Süß

Master Painter, Gföllner

“That’s by some distance the best stainless steel abrasive we’ve ever used.”

Marco Heinemann

Managing Director, KST

“Partnership with Ervin has provided a product that is economical yet quality driven.”

Mr José Carlos Da Rosa

Production Manager – Euro Roca SA

“Guaranteed quality and stability from our suppliers and partners is key to the continued growth and success of our company. Knowing that Ervin is still a family owned company gives me great confidence for the future.”

Mr. Mauro Camusso

Owner, Beltramo Fratelli

Superior Performance, Exceptional Value

In tests carried out under laboratory conditions at Ervin, and repeated in our customers’ process, our abrasive consistently outperforms equivalent competitors for durability and transmitted energy. We rigorously pursue optimum levels of hardness, grading, metallurgical microstructure, chemistry and physical form to ensure that our customers can trust our product consistently to perform at the highest levels.

Choosing Ervin steel & stainless steel shot and grit provides an opportunity to reduce total process costs. Our local technical support works closely with customers to optimise the whole blasting process. To find out more about our products click on the images below.


International Standards, Local Expertise

Ervin is close to customers – worldwide! Ervin has several production facilities in USA and Europe. Through the worldwide net of sales offices and distributors Ervin offers products and services close to customers.