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3N Lakering in Thisted, Denmark is a commercial coater offering total powder-coating solutions for steel structures of all sizes, up to some of the largest in Scandinavia. Pre-coating surface preparation is performed in-house via shotblasting. A long collaboration exists with Clemco Denmark, Ervin’s local distributor, who are greatly valued by 3N for their extensive industry and process knowledge.

“Clemco Denmark introduced us to a new product which effectively removes oil and grease residue from our operating mix.”

Allan Pretzmann Jensen
Production Manager, 3N Lakering


Working in close collaboration with Clemco Denmark, who have been providing on-site technical support for many years, 3N wanted to optimisethe productivity of their shotblasting processes, for which they use both automatic machines and airblast equipment. One of the key challenges which they had to overcome to achievetheir goal was the unwelcome presence of grease and oil in the operating mixture. 3N knew from experience that failure to remove the contaminant completely would inevitably lead to poor coating adhesion.


“Previously, we used 60% more additive. Using Amapure, we have now achieved a noticeable saving on our purchases and we spend less time refilling and checking our dosing-system. The switch to Amapure has provided us with many benefits. All in all, we save time, effort and money by using Amapure.”

Allan Pretzmann Jensen
Production Manager, 3N Lakering

Although they had tried additives to remove grease and oil from their operating mixes in the past, 3N wanted to improve the quality further. On the advice of Clemco Denmark, 3N then introduced Amapure into their blasting systems. This decision proved to be the turning-point, in terms of achieving a consistently clean operating mix in all their blast equipment.


Amapure quickly demonstrated a number of clear advantages compared with other additives that 3N had used to remove contamination from their blasting-systems, for example:
• The operating-mix stayed clean for longer
• Workpieces were often cleaned much faster
• Production time was reduced
• Additive consumption was reduced significantly

-> Productivity was increased

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