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The World Standard for Quality

We are specialists in abrasives. Our history goes back to the invention of the steel abrasive casting process in the early 1920s by our founder John F Ervin. His descendants still lead our company and his unquenchable desire to do things the best possible way still drives everything we do.

We welcome the opportunity to work with our customers to help them achieve the best possible steel blasting efficiency in their business. Our products are designed and carefully monitored to meet international standards and consistently deliver the best possible results in every blasting environment, such as air blasting.

Outstanding quality based on 100 years experience

John Ervin, who received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Illinois, founded Ervin in 1920. He worked at John Deere in East Moline before moving to Michigan where he purchased a foundry.

John Ervin’s pioneering efforts in blast cleaning equipment has led to new technologies, process techniques and applications. These discoveries have forever changed the metal abrasives industry. The consistent performance of his high-quality products have set the standard for all future advancements.

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John F. Ervin founds company

John F. Ervin, a foundry man and graduate from the University of Illinois, founds Ervin Industries.

Ervin remains a family owned company with his values to this day.

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Cast Steel Process Patented

Mr Ervin’s pioneering spirit leads to Ervin creating and patenting the process to manufacture cast steel shot.

The basis of this technology is still widely used around the world today.

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SAE J444 Introduced

The first SAE 3rd party, internationally recognised, standard is produced.

This allows all users to rely on consistent products to keep a consistent blasting process.

Ervin continues to exceed the requirements of this, and subsequent standards, to deliver consistently quality products to all their partners.

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Ervin Test Machine

To maintain their own high standard of quality, Ervin developed their test machine. This is used to benchmark output, through SAE J445, as well as perform comparative testing.

Our quality measurements have become the standard within the industry – the Ervin test Machine is the benchmark for all competitors.

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AMASTEEL Expansion

With growing capacity and new developments in uses of cast steel abrasives, Ervin expanded their plant in Adrian Michigan.

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Butler Plant Built

Ervin further expands its capacity in North America by opening a brand new plant in Pennsylvania.

Over 50 years of experience and process technology development are used to ensure we meet our quality standard commitments to our partners.

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Ervin establishes its Technologies branch in Tecumseh.

One of many innovative products to be developed was AMACAST the class leading CrNi stainless steel abrasive – and one of the first of its kind.

Other recent products include ammunition goods which are adaptable to a variety of needs.

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Ervin acquires Barton Abrasives and pushes forward into the European market using the UK as its base of operations.

High levels of investment are used to bring the product to the Ervin standard.

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Ervin Stainless

Ervin increases its European operation by introducing stainless manufacturing in Sprockhövel, Germany.

Alongside the existing Cr stainless steel shot, AMACHROME, the plant develops AMAGRIT – a stainless grit for use in a wide range of applications.

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To meet ever increasing demand for its quality cast steel abrasive, Ervin opens a second European plant in Glaubitz, Germany.

This two plant AMASTEEL strategy more than doubles the production capacity in Europe, and builds on almost 100 years of process innovation and quality standards.

As well as room for expansion, the plant also holds a Demonstration and Test Centre, which helps Ervin to find the right solution for their customers.

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Continued expansion in Europe requires that Ervin builds a corporate headquarters in the German capital of Berlin – Ervin Germany GmbH.

The corporate structure mirrors that of the US, with administrative head office, 2 AMASTEEL plants and 1 Stainless plant.


Online Shop

The Ervin online shop helps customers order material in the digital age.

Order now at shop.ervin.eu.


100th Anniversary

Our company is now 100 years old.
During this century, John Ervin’s pioneering efforts in blast cleaning led to new process techniques, technologies and applications, shaping the metal abrasives industry we see today.

We are proud to have reached this significant milestone, and are looking forward to the next 100 years.

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Amapure, a mineral degreasing additive, is our most recent product. An abrasive operating mix contaminated with oil and grease can not only increase operating costs, but can decrease productivity and coating performance on the blasted work piece. Have you tried it yet?

International Standards, Local Expertise

Ervin is close to customers – worldwide! Ervin has several production facilities in USA and Europe. Through the worldwide net of sales offices and distributors Ervin offers products and services close to customers.

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