Ervin application cleaning page

Selected Products

    A round and angular high carbon steel abrasive
    A round austenitic stainless steel material
    A round ferritic stainless steel material
    An angular martensitic stainless steel material

Typical Processes

  • Desanding
  • Descaling
  • Deburring

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits you can expect when working with Ervin are:

  • Lowest consumption
  • Highest productivity, lowest cost
  • Consistent abrasive performance
  • Reduced Wear
  • Reduced dust and waste disposal
  • Local technical support

The Ervin technology for high carbon steel abrasives is the most advanced in the world. Our unique production process in Tipton, UK, and Glaubitz, Germany, ensures AMACUT is a consistently high quality martensitic abrasive grit.

Continuous quality control guarantees the leading hardness and durability characteristics critical to efficient stone cutting.

After-Sales Support

Steel and stainless steel abrasives are not a commodity. They are an essential component in a process that can be very costly if not maintained and supported on a regular basis.

Our trained technical support personnel are therefore at your disposal, at no additional cost. We can arrange to visit relevant plants as required on a regular basis to provide:

  • Advice on abrasive selection
  • A review of machine settings to ensure reduced wear and optimum abrasive consumption
  • Assessment of abrasive performance and work-mix configuration
  • Assessment of cleanliness and, if required, surface roughness on work-pieces
  • Advice on potential cost savings and productivity increases

Let’s Talk

Our sales team can tell you more about our company. Please call +49 30 400 37846, visit the contact page or complete the form below.

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