Selected Products

A round and angular high carbon steel abrasive

A round austenitic stainless steel material

A round ferritic stainless steel material

An angular martensitic stainless steel material

Typical Processes

  • Desanding
  • Descaling
  • Deburring

Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits you can expect when working with Ervin are:

Lowest consumption

Highest productivity, lowest cost

Consistent abrasive performance

Reduced wear

Reduced dust and waste disposal

Local technical support

The Ervin technology for steel and stainless steel abrasives are the most advanced in the world. We manufacture steel to third party international specifications in the UK and Germany and our stainless steel production in Germany is combined with the knowledge of our technology centre in USA. This ensures all Ervin shot and grit is consistently high quality.

Continuous quality control, in combination with the cutting-edge production process, optimises durability and cleaning power.



Increasing service life


Steel and stainless steel abrasives are not a commodity. They are an essential component in a process that can be very costly if not maintained and supported on a regular basis.

Our trained technical support personnel are therefore at your disposal, at no additional cost. We can arrange to visit relevant plants as required on a regular basis to provide:

Advice on abrasive selection

A review of machine settings to ensure reduced wear and optimum abrasive consumption

Assessment of abrasive performance and work-mix configuration

Assessment of cleanliness and, if required, surface roughness on work-pieces

Advice on potential cost savings and productivity increases

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Shot blast cleaning


At Ervin, we provide first-class shot blast cleaning services that you require. There are many advantages to opting for shot blasting cleaning. This form of cleaning is also referred to as abrasive blast cleaning and abrasive blasting. During the shot blast cleaning process, a stream of abrasive metal is sent to a surface at high pressure in order to smoothen the surface, erase coatings and paints, remove rust, sand & scale, and provide profile to the surface.


What industries use shot blasting?


This process is frequently used to polish and clean metal, and it can also strengthen it. It is used in a wide range of industries, and these include construction, the automobile sector, public transport, shipbuilding, sandblast paint removal and many more.


Types of shot blasting


Shot blasting will involve the forceful direction of highly abrasive particles against the surfaces of metal parts in order to remove contaminants and condition the surface for finishing.


There are generally two forms of shot blasting available, and these are mechanical blasting and air blasting. These processes can both be carried out manually or by machines. With mechanical blasting, the abrasive particles are propelled by a power-driven rapid rotating bladed wheel. Whereas with air blasting, the abrasive material is propelled through a nozzle by using compressed air. Generally, mechanical blasting is more widely used across the industry.


Regarding shot, there are two main types of ‘shot’ that are used. These are:


Grit – angular metal particles which may be tempered

Shot – same as grit but spherical in shape


Why choose Ervin for shot blasting solutions?


Ervin is an abrasive specialist with almost a century of experience behind it. The company was first founded in the early 1920s by John F Ervin and is still run by his descendants. At Ervin, we are highly enthusiastic about working with our customers to help them optimise steel blasting efficiency. Each product that we design and add to the market is carefully created with international standards in mind. We have production facilities across the USA and Europe and have a global network of distributors. More and more companies from across a wealth of sectors are using Ervin products when they need to achieve a stunning finish and create solutions that deliver quality for years to come.


Getting in touch


We are only happy when our customers have been able to fully achieve their aims using Ervin products. You can find out more about the shot blasting solutions offered by Ervin by contacting us today. Why not complete the short form on the website if you do have any queries about the pioneering solutions we create?