With 28 blasting machines, Kugel-Strahltechnik GmbH is one of the largest surface preparation sub contractors in Germany. Their commitment to quality and proximity to their customers provide strength and long-term partnerships

“That’s by some distance the best stainless steel abrasive we’ve ever used.”

Marco Heinemann

Managing Director


Expansion and investment in the latest continuous wheel blasting machine allowed even larger work pieces. It made KST more flexible, faster and increased their capacity. A low carbon shot had previously been used, and there were concerns about high carbon shots being more hard and brittle, with higher consumption and machine wear. Ervin were given the opportunity to demonstrate their products to be capable of meeting these demands, whilst looking to improve the cleaning of the markings on forgings

Improve cleaning

Increase productivity

Allow faster and more flexible operation


“Ervin products provide a balanced operating mix to help clean delicate shapes and markings.”

Sascha Berger

Ervin Country Manager for Germany

An extensive series of testing in partnership with Ervin, proved beyond any doubt that their products were not only suitable for the task, but gave great improvements. Long term testing in the machines of KST allayed any fears in their years of reservation.

A round and angular high carbon steel abrasive


The blasted workpieces including connecting rods, crankshafts and other forgings, all had a visually more beautiful surface and blasting times were lowered by up to 50%. In particular the identification engravings and markings were made much clearer. Following proof of their steel abrasive qualities, Ervin continued testing multiple abrasive types – including their class leading stainless steel Amacast abrasive. The stainless steel abrasive makes workpieces less susceptible to corrosion and help wherever design and appearance are important. Amacast delivered a better and lighter finish and noticeable material savings.

A round austenitic stainless steel material

Reduction in blasting times

Brighter finish with Amacast

Reduction in consumption across all grades

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