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With 28 blasting machines, Kugel-Strahltechnik GmbH is one of the largest surface preparation sub contractors in Germany. Their commitment to quality and proximity to their customers provide strength and long-term partnerships.

That’s by some distance the best stainless steel abrasive we’ve ever used.

Marco Heinemann
Managing Director


Cleaning a large number of different components, ranging from aluminium and zinc pressure die-casting, stampings, springs & screws presents a number of tests for KST. Not only must contamination, such as rust and scale, be removed but also surfaces must be bright and the abrasive have as high a lifetime as possible to reduce overall cost of blasting. Some parts also require peening.

  • Increase abrasive life
  • Improve surface finish


Running a controlled trial at the customer’s machine is the perfect way to demonstrate the performance of our products to all parties.

Sascha Berger
Ervin Country Manager for Germany

Ervin selected their class-leading Chrome-Nickel stainless steel shot AMACAST for a controlled trial at the customer. The unique production process of AMACAST creates a durable material with a high hardness. The current process and abrasive were monitored, followed by the same with the new material.

    A round austenitic stainless steel material


The stainless steel abrasive makes work pieces less susceptible to corrosion and helps wherever design and appearance are important. The trial showed a considerable saving in abrasive consumption of more than 10 versus the competitor material. AMACAST also delivered a better and lighter finish, making the final product even more attractive to customers of KST. The high hardness of AMACAST also helped to achieve a peening effect on certain parts.

    A round austenitic stainless steel material
  • Over 10% saving in abrasive consumption
  • Fantastic, bright and attractive surface

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