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Fundiciones Gamarra, with 150 years of history, is one of the oldest firms in the province of Araba, in northern Spain. It is dedicated to the casting of moulded steel and specialises in high-strength parts for, among others, the railway sector. They also machine and weld components. With a workforce of 90 people, it exports 95% of its production.

The results of the test significantly exceeded our expectations.



As part of their commitment to continuous improvement, Mr. Asier Arocena, Gamarra‘s CEO, asked Ervin
to enhance their shot blasting processes. The main objective was to reduce the blasting time by 10% and, if possible, the consumption
of shot blast media, all without increasing wear on the machine. With this objective in mind, Ervin began to work on a process improvement study. Together with the customer, a number of technical inspections were carried out, monitoring the operation with the current round abrasive.


Ervin MG had a higher performance, but this is not the only factor in the process improvement.”


During the monitoring period, it was identified that angular grit which was slightly harder than the shot could be an ideal solution. Ervin proposed their MG material, which due to its angular nature allows removal of surface contamination through impact and fracturing, as well as cutting. This allows reduction in other areas of the machine settings, such as wheels amps & speed and even cycle times. As MG is only around 4-6 HRC harder than S hardness, the material still becomes spherical during use. All these factors combine to allow the possibility to even reduce wear inside a machine.


The results of the tests were much better than expected. Blasting times were reduced by over 15%, but there was also a reduction in abrasive consumption of 42%. Selecting the right abrasive had allowed Ervin engineers to optimise the blasting process. Wheel and air separator settings could be adjusted to find improvements far beyond those associated with simply changing one abrasive for another. This examples shows that the correct abrasive selection, hand in hand with the right technical support can
produce a tailored ideal blasting solution.

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