With 28 blasting machines, Kugel-Strahltechnik GmbH is one of the largest surface preparation sub contractors in Germany. Their commitment to quality and proximity to their customers provide strength and long-term partnerships. Peening forms a large part of the work undertaken by KST, and they know that their quality helps to determine their customers success.

“We need consistently high quality for all workpieces. Rethinking the use of blasting abrasive and the results of the test series with Ervin Amasteel, KST has achieved this goal.”

Marco Heinemann

Managing Director


Peening increases the fatigue strength of components subject to strong cycling stresses, and quality and consistency of shot peening material are even more important than standard blasting operations to guarantee customer satisfaction. Almen value (intensity) and coverage are just two of the parameters to be monitored closely. Cut wire was being added to low carbon material, as the intensity could not be reached without it. This was increasing machine wear and labour.

2 grades currently mixed to give required performance

High machine wear and labour cost


“The advanced technology of peening applications form a strong part of Ervin’s customer portfolio.”

Sascha Berger

Ervin Country Manager for Germany

Following an extensive series of testing in partnership with Ervin, their product was already being used on site. The new supplier offered a replacement material S330 for testing in the continuous blasting machine.

A round high carbon steel shot for peening


The test trial showed lower material costs with same machine wear and good energy transfer (Almen value). Not only that, but now the blasted surfaces were visibly cleaner.

Good Almen value

Visibly cleaner

Consistently high quality

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