Abrasive Blasting

What is abrasive blasting?

Abrasive blasting involves the deployment of shot or other particulate matter to pre-treat the surface of the item of your choice using abrasive wear. These are commonly hard-wearing metals and the different grades of industrial shot available can allow you to remove imperfections, strip previous layers or coatings, or pre-treat an item for later use.

This involves the deployment of a dedicated pressurized abrasive blaster or wheel blast machine that allows your teams to work quickly and safely. Caring for your operators is of chief importance when it comes to abrasive blasting, especially with mineral abrasives as the fine nature of the materials used and high breakdown rate can cause significant damage if inhaled by employees. This is not the case for steel abrasives but care still needs to be taken.

So, if you need help with selecting and setting up abrasive blasting equipment for your project, you should always consult experts such as Ervin for advice and support.
To summarise, abrasive blasting is predominantly an aggressive pre-treatment process that allows users to quickly and effectively prepare materials for projects for later or immediate use with speed, efficiency, and the minimal amount of wear to the blasting equipment in question.

Who would need abrasive blasting?

Abrasive blasting is used across a wide range of industries thanks to its versatility and its highly cost- effective nature. This allows for the creation of a surface profile on items that would otherwise be too robust to treat and often plays an integral role in many industrial sectors.

This can be as simple as carrying out cleaning or maintenance work on mission critical items, removing rust, wear and chipped paint. Or it can be a crucial part of the sealing and pre-painting process on a number of workpieces.
Abrasive blasting can involve smaller handheld units for carrying out spot work or the use of large blasting chambers that can be used to abrade larger items that would be difficult or time-consuming to work at by hand or guarantee uniformity.

What are the benefits of abrasive blasting?

Abrasive blasting is prevalent in almost all sectors largely due to its cost-effectiveness.
Often playing a mission critical role, choosing the right abrasive blasting material can help significantly cut down the effort and time spent completing your tasks. Choosing the correct grade of blasting shot or grit can guarantee the highest standards of productivity and abrasive blasting safety, optimising your existing infrastructure with minimal additional effort.

How can Ervin help?

If you are looking for an abrasive blasting solution for your current project, our team at Ervin Industries are here to help. With extensive operations, providing world-leading quality abrasives and expertise in optimising the set-up of blasting equipment to a range of sectors we can provide a solution that is truly fit-for-purpose.
You can view our complete range of products and services in full from here. Or, if you need to talk through a potential solution for your unique project, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let our team know exactly what you need to optimise your abrasive blasting performance.

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