Air Blasting Equipment

Air Blasting Equipment: What is it?

An essential part of many industrial or professional processes, selecting the right air blasting equipment can help add value when it matters most. But with so many options and extras available, it can be difficult to fully understand how it works and where it can truly add the best value to your work.
So, what is air blasting and what potential benefits can it bring?

What is Air Blasting?

Air blasting involves the use of fine particulate matter to refine and pre-treat a number of surfaces. This involves deploying a bespoke type of blasting material that suits the hardness of the object or surface, and the material to be removed.

Conventionally, this incorporates the use of a blasting device that uses compressed air to ‘fire’ your chosen material at the object in question. The abrasive particles then strip and clean the surface, helping to complete a step in your key processes.
Highly flexible and cost effective, air blasting is a flexible solution that can be adjusted to fit a wide range of problems, allowing you maximum choice for your projects.

Who would need air blasting?

Air blasting is used in a wide variety of industries, from high-volume production sectors, to bespoke businesses dealing with a range of products. A common pre-treatment process, air blasting can be deployed in blast rooms to uniformly treat a product in military or aerospace environments. Abrasive blasting can also be carried out by deploying a portable compressor to pre-coat structures in the construction industry or using fine intensive streams to cut through hard-wearing materials.
This also extends to pre-treating materials to receive a coat of paint in production lines or just to weather objects or remove imperfections for a number of bespoke businesses.

What are the benefits of air blasting?

Air Blasting allows a high degree of control over your industrial processes – allowing you to deploy a unit or type of abrasive that suits your unique purpose. This allows you to easily strip rust from surfaces and undertake regular maintenance with ease. It can also help you smooth out imperfections in products and ensure that a surface is properly cleaned before completing your processing actions.

Air blasting can be a useful addition to automatic wheel blasting systems. Larger or more complex work pieces which cannot be successfully cleaned or prepared in a wheel blast machine can be treated with this more manual process.
The deployment of airblast technologies ensures that – no matter your end goal – you will be able to achieve it safely and with maximum efficiency.

What Next?

If you want to learn more, our team at Ervin are here to help. With many years’ experience providing support to a range of industrial sectors, we are here to supply the bespoke care, equipment, and materials that you need. With a wide range of abrasive grit, we can help ensure that your air blasting process is set up for optimum results.

You can view our full list of solutions from here. Or if you need any further help or guidance, please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know exactly what you need to find the right air blasting products for your unique work.

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