Metal Blasting

Metal Blasting

Mission critical for many industries, metal blasting can often be resource heavy and time consuming to complete – with corner-cutting introducing risk, compromising safety, and resulting in a poor-quality end-product. However, choosing the right metal blasting equipment can allow to save time and resource in the most demanding of environments without compromise.

So, what exactly is metal blasting and what are the benefits of carrying it out correctly?

What is metal blasting?

As the name suggests, metal blasting involves the use of abrasive shot or grit to treat a solid metal object. Used in a range of sectors, this commonly involves the use of metal abrasive materials in a variety of sizes and specifications to carry out tasks – ranging from simple pre-treatment, to surface preparation or peening. Different types of metal will require different types of abrasive. For instance, steel and iron most commonly use carbon steel abrasive, whilst aluminium, zinc and other non-ferrous metals would tend to use stainless steel.

Choosing to metal blast allows you to find a bespoke solution for key tasks in your production line with the highest levels of productivity and quality.

What equipment is required for metal blasting?

When it comes to metal blasting, there are two key components – metal blast machinery and your sizes and specifications of shot or grit.
Depending on your professional needs, your teams will be able to access equipment that fits the bill. This can range from handheld blasting units, portable machinery for on-site work, blasting cabinets, all the way to large-scale blasting chambers to carry out large-scale consistent blasting work.

Of course, your equipment is only as good as the shot or grit that you choose to complete the job. At Ervin we offer a range of high-performance steel and stainless steel abrasives that allow you to clean your chosen metal surface, pre-treat an item on your production line, or other specialist work.
Selecting the right size and specification of material allows you to maximise your performance, minimise your costs, reduce wear on your machinery, and ensure the highest standards of consistency with every job.

What are the benefits of metal blasting?

Metal blasting’s major strength comes in the form of flexibility, with modern technology allowing your teams to tailor your approach to match each product or use case. This can be as simple as removing surface imperfections for a coat of paint, toughening metals for demanding use, or clearing rust and debris from work pieces to guarantee high standards of performance.

No matter what your task entails, there will be a blasting solution to meet your unique needs – letting you save on effort and resource use without sacrificing safety or excessive expenditure, and reduce customer rejections and rework.

What next?

If you want to learn more about how the right abrasive and equipment set up can make a difference to your metal blasting work, our team at Ervin are here to help. With many years’ experience , we work with your teams to provide the right solutions for your blasting needs.

You can review our list of products in full from here. Or if you have specific questions or queries that you would like to address, please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know exactly what you need to deliver for your clients when it truly matters most.

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