Ervin Anniversary – 100 Years!

18 Feb Ervin Anniversary – 100 Years!

In 1920, the foundry man and Engineering graduate from the University of Illinois, John F. Ervin founded Ervin Industries, which means that this year our company is 100 years old.

John Ervin’s pioneering efforts in blast cleaning led to new process techniques, technologies and applications, shaping the metal abrasives industry we see today. Ervin remains a family owned company, committed to the same values that drove our founder.

Ervin has an established reputation for quality leadership and doing things the best possible way.
We now have 6 plants across two continents and supply our customers across the globe.
We are proud to have reached this significant milestone, and intend to celebrate with our suppliers, customers and staff throughout the year.

Over the course of 2020 we’ll be reviewing some of the key milestones in our 100-year history alongside other notable events in the wider world. You can follow our Linked In page to receive notifications of these posts and other news in our anniversary year.

Ervin Ervin The World Standard for Quality
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