Happy Birthday to our Glaubitz Factory!

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05 Jun Happy Birthday to our Glaubitz Factory!

In April 2024, Ervin Europe celebrated the 10th anniversary of the first melt and the first manufacture of Amasteel shot and grit at the Glaubitz factory near Dresden in Saxony. In this short period of time, the plant and the Ervin team who work there have experienced significant change.

The Glaubitz plant started to take shape in December 2012 when building commenced and the installation and commissioning of all the equipment was completed in time for the first melting of scrap steel in April 2014, creating the first Ervin Amasteel Shot and Grit manufactured in Germany.

Just two years later, in 2016, the capacity of the North processing area was increased to meet growing demand for Amasteel abrasives across Europe and the following year saw a further capacity growth with the expansion of the southwest warehouse. Also in 2017, the Glaubitz Test Centre was opened, giving customers the opportunity to experience for themselves how the superior quality of Ervin Amasteel shot and grit can improve their blasting operations.

In 2021, the Scrap Hall was extended, giving more space to separate and store the scrap steel that is recycled to make Amasteel shot and grit. The flexibility of the furnace operation was enhanced in 2022 by the addition of an oxygen burner which also reduced the carbon emissions per tonne of abrasive produced at Glaubitz.

Just before the 10th anniversary, a new wind turbine was commissioned, providing green energy to the manufacturing plant, the next step in Ervin’s Sustainability programme which will see the plant achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030, 15 years ahead of the German government target.

With so much achieved in just the first 10 years, there was plenty to celebrate and a team of volunteers from across all areas of the plant organised a huge party for all employees and their families, along with Ervin staff from the Sprockhovel manufacturing plant, the European sales team, and the Berlin head office. Everyone enjoyed the food and drinks, dancing to the DJ, with further entertainment provided by a local children’s acrobatic club and traditional brass band. A spectacular outdoor firework display completed a memorable day for all.


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