Improve surface quality through blasting media – How the Bayern-Fass Group benefits from Ervin abrasive

04 Feb Improve surface quality through blasting media – How the Bayern-Fass Group benefits from Ervin abrasive

Pretreatment & paint stripping: 29.01.2020

Improve surface quality through blasting media

Thanks to the angular blasting abrasive from Ervin, Bayern-Fass reduces reworking and provides a new quality of paint.

Climate protection and sustainability are the order of the day. The Bayern-Fass Group, which among other things recycles steel drums after their use in industry and trade, is also committed to this. The 200-litre containers are “reconditioned” at the plant in Aichach near Augsburg, thus achieving up to seven life cycles.

At the Aichach site, two different barrel blasting machines are in operation, a more powerful one with 6 x 22 kW blast wheels for the bung barrels, which have two screw cap openings in the lid, and a smaller machine with three 11 kW blast wheels for lidded barrels. The labels, in particular, always present Team Manager Franz Riegl and his team with great challenges. “Some drums look like real advertising columns when they arrive at our premises: They have up to ten or fifteen labels, some of which are stuck on top of each other,” says Riegl. After a positive trial of the “AMASTEEL” steel shot, the Aichach-based company asked Ervin to test other abrasive media to address the label problem. Bayern-Fass sent test drums to the Ervin test blasting center in Glaubitz, where a total of nine types of blasting media with different particle sizes, geometry and levels of hardness were used in several test series. The aim was to determine which abrasive would remove labels and adhesive residues most efficiently. The painters in Aichach were particularly satisfied with the medium-hard grit “AMASTEEL MG 40”, which is suitable for use with the blast wheel, so the 6 x 22 kW barrel blasting plant was converted to this product in 2018. Thanks to the new abrasive, the labels are now blasted much better – the post-processing has been greatly reduced, fully meeting the targets set by the plant management.

You can also read a detailed article on this in issue 2/2020 of BESSER LACKIEREN.

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