Industrial Blasting

What is industrial blasting?

Also known as abrasive blasting, industrial blasting is an essential process for many industries that involves the use of particles to make changes to the surface of a chosen object. This can help smooth out imperfections, prepare the material for further treatment, adjust its shape and finish, or for a range of other mechanical reasons.

This is commonly carried out by using fine-grade particles that rub or abrade the surface of the material in question. These are commonly propelled through the use of compressed air, centrifuges, or hybrid units.

As with many industrial processes, there is a high degree of variance in how the material is applied and the grade used. Some industrial abrasive blasting methods use sand, walnut shells, or glass to deal with more sensitive materials and produce a finer finished project. Others use metal shot to help strip away rust or imperfections on a hard metal surface – letting you improve the look and material composition of a piece without damage.

What products do Ervin provide for industrial blasting?

When it comes to industrial blasting, we carry a wide range of products that can be used for a number of professional uses. Our main line is embodied through our range of metal abrasive shot. This can be deployed for a range of uses such as peening tasks, cutting work, or cleaning and preparing work surfaces at different stages of your production process. Available in a variety of grades, hardness levels, and composition types – these can help conduct intensive peening work, cut stone and materials, safely abrade metal objects and more.

If you want to find shot that works for you, you can review our online solution finder to pick out a product that suits your unique requirements.

Choosing to deploy metal shot allows you to take an intensive but controlled approach to your abrasive blasting work. All Ervin abrasive products are produced with full compliance with the appropriate SAE, ISO or AMS standards, allowing you to enjoy the highest standards in safety, efficiency, and effectiveness.

This will help to improve the productivity of your existing blasting processes and add value where it matters most in your production pipeline. This also allows you to deal with organic materials like stone, handle projects that involve aluminium, steel & cast iron die casting, or help with the processing of delicate brass forgings.

What next?

If you want to learn more about how to add value to your industrial blasting work, our team at Ervin is here to help. With comprehensive experience operating in the most demanding of sectors, we work with you to validate and provide the best possible abrasive blasting solution for your unique needs.

You can view our comprehensive online catalogue in full from here to help find the right material for projects of any size. And if you still have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly and let our highly-trained team help you find exactly what you need to achieve your blasting goals.

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