What is surface preparation?

Surface preparation is an essential part of pre-treatment for a number of materials. This involves the use of abrasive material being applied to the surface in high volume and in force, most commonly through a process known as ‘shot blasting’.

In the case of abrasive blasting, this is most often used to change the roughness of a range of surfaces, providing the ability to shape the material and remove contaminants or flaws from its surface.

When is surface preparation needed?

Surface preparation is essential when the environment the material is being deployed in is demanding. This can also be deployed to meet legal requirements, or a desire to ensure that your clients are provided with the best quality, long lasting materials on the market.

The size and shape of the surface profile is particularly important to coating adhesion and corrosion resistance. Choosing the right manufacturer and grade of abrasive is essential.

Choosing to use surface preparation leaves you with an aesthetically pleasing product, removes any impurities, and helps prepare the surface for additional treatments such as liquid paints, powder coatings or galvanization. This lets you enjoy a perfect shot blasted surface finish for your project.

What products do Ervin provide for surface preparation?

Given the diverse nature of the modern market and increasing specifications to aid corrosion resistance, there are a wealth of options when it comes to surface preparation. This includes our full range of steel and stainless steel abrasive products, including Amasteel which is perfect for surface preparation and desanding a surface – making it the right pick for foundry and forge work as well as industries applying coatings. This also includes Amapeen which is designed to facilitate shot peening processes for the aerospace and automotive sectors, allowing you to toughen any material surfaces you may need. And if accurate cutting is a concern, we also offer Amacut which is ideal for gangsaws and is best used to help with stone cutting work.

Our current portfolio contains options for shot, four distinct grit lines with varying hardness, and specific products for unique or specialised work. If you want to learn more, our complete product range can be viewed in full from here, helping you to meet your surface preparation requirements on a case by case basis.
All solutions are provided with cost effectiveness and safety in mind, as well as overall performance. This includes providing a high-performance technical support service that ensures a consistent, reliable finish no matter the material chosen.

Our range of steel and stainless steel abrasives is also designed to ensure reduced waste and dust creation, and cut back on any clean-up tasks that may take place. This allows your teams to enjoy increased productivity, value, and reliability at a highly competitive price point.

What are the benefits of using Ervin’s products for surface preparation?

Using Ervin ensures the highest standards of compliance when it comes to providing shot blasting solutions for your work. This includes a wide range of products that fully adhere to a range of industry standards. We also provide an online Solutions Finder to ensure that you end up with a product that is right for your use case.
If you want to learn more about our range of surface preparation products for metals, stonework, concrete, and more; please do not hesitate to get in touch and let our team know exactly what you and your clients need to finish your project to the highest standard.

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