Shot Blasting Equipment

What is shot blasting equipment?

Deployed in a range of professional environments, shot blasting equipment is used in the treatment, cleaning, strengthening, or finishing of metals.
This is carried out by propelling metal or material shot or grit at the desired object. Automatic machines take advantage of a rotating wheel powered by a motor to increase the abrasive velocity, whereas manual air blast systems pressurise air to achieve the same effect. This changes the qualities of its surface and makes them fit for professional or industrial use.

Finding the right equipment can allow teams to work faster, more effectively and – most importantly – safely – with abrasive material often proving dangerous to those around it. Failing to choose the right tool for the job and space for the work to occur can invite severe risk and significant penalties so it is essential that if you are unsure of the correct shot blasting equipment to use, you contact experts such as Ervin for advice and support.

Who would need shot blasting equipment?

Shot blasting is a key part of many process steps and there are few industrial sectors that do not directly use or benefit from it at some point. They are predominantly found or required in fields that involve construction and foundry work or deal with transit such as shipbuilding and rail.

Shot blasting equipment can be rented or leased for industries where blasting or abrading are required on short term processes or for key project steps. This also includes industries that regularly require the maintenance and pre-treatment of raw materials or equipment.

The use of blasting supplies is particularly prevalent in the aerospace and automotive industries where the peening of metal is a critical process step that helps ensure the highest possible standards of material strength.

When would someone need shot blasting equipment?

This can be as simple as carrying out maintenance and cleaning. This can involve the use of blasting machinery like hand units that can be used to treat hard wearing concrete floors, or blasting rooms and large automatic blasting chambers that can strip the rust, sand or other contamination from work pieces that see heavy use.
Or this can be a major step in your manufacturing process, using abrasive materials to pre-treat surfaces before applying a coating or helping to cut or reshape the critical raw materials of your operations.

What are the benefits of using shot blasting equipment?

Choosing the right shot blasting equipment can make a big difference to your productivity and blasting costs.
No matter whether you are deploying shot blasting as a key part of your production line or just a simple step in your processes, choosing the right equipment allows you to operate with the highest standards of efficiency, safety and accuracy.

Selecting the right technical solution for your teams allows you to save resources, reduce wear and tear, and guarantee the highest of standards in the most demanding of situations.

How can Ervin help?

If you need help choosing the right blasting machine equipment or grade of steel shot or grit that is right for your unique project, our team at Ervin are here to help. With many years’ experience providing bespoke solutions for a range of industrial sectors, we understand the importance of a providing a high quality, detailed approach.
You can review our full range of services, resources, and solutions from here. Or if you want to learn how our wide range of blasting material products can help your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly and let our team know exactly what you need.

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