PaintExpo highlights demand for metallic abrasive grit

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12 May PaintExpo highlights demand for metallic abrasive grit

The Ervin team exhibiting at the recent PaintExpo in Karlsruhe was kept very busy with a constant flow of visitors wanting to find out more about Ervin, the new Amapure degreasing product and take the Virtual Reality blasting challenge.
The most popular subject visitors wanted to discuss was switching from Aluminium Oxide and other mineral abrasives to metallic abrasive grit.
“I must have heard at least 30 visitors say they wanted to move away from Aluminium Oxide, and my colleagues all had similar experiences” commented Stefan Heidecke, Head of Sales for the Ervin Stainless division. “We’re already following up on enquiries from PaintExpo with some very positive results.”
Amasteel grit and Amagrit stainless steel abrasive both offer a number of benefits compared with Aluminium Oxide including reduced consumption, reduced dust and waste which can lead to significant savings.
You can see a side-by-side comparison of blasting with Amagrit and Aluminium Oxide here.

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